Therma-Pore™ VP insulation keeps you warmer, allowing you to move freely and look stylish while on the whether on the ski slopes, on the golf course or just out walking.

Unlike all other insulation textile materials that work by trapping air within their fibres, Therma-Pore™ VP traps air within hundreds of thousands of tiny cells. Therma-Float Ltd. have a pending patent for its unique material in the ability to trap more air in less space than traditional insulators whilst also allowing it to “breath.”

In a garment, water-vapour passes freely from the body, through the Therma-Pore™ VP layer escaping through to the outer fabric. It’s complex construction provides a highly effective wind-proof “breathable” barrier which will repel wind-driven rain or snow, should the outer fabric become torn.

Therma-Pore™ VP is a unique Interliner with combination of features that enhance the wearer's comfort. Therma-Pore™ VP, when related to thickness, is the most efficient insulation material for garments and offers about one and a half times the warmth of polyester and olefin micro-fibre waddings, twice the warmth of down and 3- 4 times the warmth of high-loft fibre-fill insulation, when equal thickness are compared. It has unsurpassed tensile strength compared with other insulation materials.

Therma-Pore™ VP offers good water-vapor permeability and is efficient in damp conditions as it is moisture resistant. It provides excellent protection in the wind (low convection effect). It can be easily washed and with proper handling is very durable.

Therma-Pore™ VP is becoming a recognized brand of insulation delivering all the qualities necessary in outdoor clothing: warmth, “breath ability”, comfort and unsurpassed quality.

Inch for inch, no other insulation keeps you warmer than Therma-Pore™ VP — not even down.

How Therma-Pore™ VP Insulation compares against the competition

  • Therma-Pore™ VP is regarded as the most thermally thickness-efficient synthetic insulation material on the market.
    It provides enhanced thickness and Clo retention compared with other brands and types of micro-fibre insulation products, down and high-loft fibre fill insulation products.

  • Soft Handle

  • It can be machine laundered in hot-water.

  • Dries Rapidly

  • Meets BS5722:1984 Specification Requirements for Flammability Performance

What makes it different?

Therma-Pore™ VP is a unique insulation that provides warmth with very little thickness. Therma-Pore™ VP even retains its insulating ability in damp conditions and dries quickly and easily.

Why Therma-Pore™ is so effective

It’s a general principle of insulation that the more dead air space between you and the cold, the warmer you’ll stay. That’s why the dead air gap is one of the most important characteristics of an insulation. Therma-Pore™ VP has one of the highest warmth-to-thickness ratio of any synthetic insulation—which is why it keeps the wearer so warm.

Therma-Pore™ VP is also highly compressible. This way, your sleeping bags or garments will not only be very warm, very light and no longer need to be thick and bulky in order to give your warmth and thermal protection. Therma-Pore™ VP will also pack down to a very small size.

Unlike down and synthetic fibre insulation products, Therma-Pore™ VP retains its insulating ability in wet and damp conditions.

A word about our material

Therma-Pore™ VP performs so well because its tiny bubbles create a lot of insulating air space and reflect back much of the body’s radiant heat.

Bubble Technology.

Therma-Pore™ VP incorporates a unique arrangement of tiny bubbles developed by Therma-Float Ltd to achieve extremely high insulation values. Therma-Pore™ VP features a bubble layer and a secondary layer to provide added tensile strength and durability that helps to maintain good structure and high insulating values.

Advanced Laminates.

Therma-Pore™ VP is composed of a combination of tiny closed-cell bubbles and “breathable” pores that have a resilient outer coating. This provides strength to the insulating cells and this protective layer is thermally bonded to the thermal layer without the use of resin. Thus, the end product is more weight-efficient.

Ultra- thin Thermal Technology.

A single layer of Therma-Pore™ VP is just 1.0mm thick – thinner than any other branded sleeping bag insulation. Although it is thinner, it is more efficient in blocking radiant heat given off from the body so as to keep the person warmer.

Softer, more compressible

Therma-Pore™ VP is exceptionally soft and compressible. This makes it flexible enough even for accessories like gloves, which are difficult to insulate effectively without restricting movement.

The special structure of Therma-Pore™ VP insulation is specially formed to achieve the most efficient thermal insulation with minimum bulk or loft. This results in a lightweight insulation and a lighter-weight and less bulky garment or sleeping bag, that is actually warmer.

What makes Therma-Pore™ VP insulation so effective? It’s all in the tiny bubbles within. Insulation work in two ways: first, the tiny bubbles have air trapped within. The more air trapped, the more efficient the insulation, and so the warmer the person stays. Secondly, by reflecting back the body’s radiant heat. These factors work in harmony with Therma-Pore’s advanced system of also allowing the material to breath, which further enhances comfort for the wearer.

The original thin warmth

Therma-Pore™ VP is suitable for general outerwear, ski- and board-wear, hand-wear, and anywhere else where a thin, highly efficient insulation is needed. It is “breathable“ and machine washable, depending on the individual manufacturer’s recommendations for care of the outer fabric.

Extreme performance, active performance

We created Therma-Pore™ VP for a very specific and demanding clientele: those who insist on extreme performance from their outerwear. Our material is ultra-thin insulation, it’s designed for some of the harshest conditions on earth and which is kind to the planet – being totally recyclable.

Therma-Pore™ VP Performance Insulation is designed for performance. This “thin” insulation product, presents a slimmer profile. Breathable and durable, it’s made to be 100% recyclable.




36 gsm


0.4 Tog / 0.25Clo

Tensile Strength




100 % Polyethylene


1.0 mm



Roll Width

1.5 meters

Roll length

300 meters

Roll Weight

16.2 KGs

Any of the above information is subject to change in part or as a whole without notice by Therma-Float, in accordance with our on-going product development and quality assurance programme and in line with safety standards. E & OE

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