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For nearly two years, Therma-Float Ltd has been driven by its vision of leading-edge Technology. Our award-winning scientific competence in developing performance materials for some of the most demanding applications has led to hundreds of solutions in diverse markets and applications.

We have developed performance and protective products for use by the military, mariners, for offshore work wear, and general protective clothing. Therma-Float Ltd has also worked on specific projects including: the Breitling Orbiter 3  and ICO Global Challenge Round the World Balloons, Life Raft Insulated Flooring, EN 393 Approved Ultra-thin buoyancy materials, Radiant barriers and "breathable" thermal insulation materials for apparel.

Therma-Float Ltd brings specialized capabilities and experience to the development and fabrication of Performance insulation materials. 


We have developed a scientific understanding of entrapping air in ultra-thin membranes and adapting these special insulation materials to suit market requirements through advanced lamination.


Therma-Float Ltd has a substantial commitment to research and development and specialises in developing PE-based fabric solutions for customers in diverse markets. 


Therma-Float Ltd specialises in the development of high-performance materials and laminates for use in the harshest and most demanding environments routinely encountered by offshore workers, mariners and militaries throughout the world.

When you purchase or are issued an item made from Therma-Float®, we understand that you expect total product quality and performance. With Therma-Float® you receive the knowledge and experience that comes from a committed team of scientists, engineers and product experts. Therma-Float's emphasis on ensuring fitness for end use and continuous improvement sets us apart from other manufacturers. Understanding and responding to the complex functional needs is important to Therma-Float Ltd.

Further information on our extensive range of materials can be obtained by contacting our sales team

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